About Us

About Harmony Organics: A Legacy of Excellence in Aroma Chemicals

Founded in the bustling heart of Mumbai in 1976, Harmony Organics has emerged as a paradigm of innovation and excellence within the Aroma Chemicals industry. Our inception, led by the visionary Ravi Nangia, an esteemed IIT Kanpur alumnus with profound expertise in Chemical Engineering and a distinguished tenure at Unilever, marked the beginning of a journey defined by a relentless commitment to innovation, uncompromising quality, and strategic growth. These guiding principles have carved our distinctive identity in the industry.

At the forefront of our dynamic growth is our Managing Director, Mr. Sandeep Mehta, whose illustrious academic journey culminated as a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant. His extensive leadership experience at Reliance has been instrumental in steering Harmony Organics towards new horizons. Mr. Mehta’s profound acumen and visionary leadership continue to sculpt our strategic path, ensuring our legacy is not only preserved but also evolved, constantly redefining industry standards.

Our Evolutionary Milestones

  • 1976: The genesis of Harmony Organics, pioneering in manufacturing Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (PEA) via the ethylene oxide route.
  • 1985: Our strategic expansion into toll manufacturing for Unilever, marked a significant collaboration in our industry.
  • 2006: Transition to a state-of-the-art facility in Kurkumbh, near Pune, enhancing our production capabilities, a testament to our growth and adaptability.
  • 2017: Diversification with the introduction of Cinnamic Aldehyde (CA) production, alongside an expansion in PEA capacity, showcasing our expanding expertise.
  • 2021: Achieving a production zenith with PEA capacity reaching 6000 TPA and CA capacity at 3000 TPA.
  • 2022: Enriching our product portfolio with the launch of innovative products such as Styrallyl Acetate, C16 Aldehyde, and derivatives of PEA and CA.
  • 2023: Securing an impressive INR 225 Crores from a global fund, a testament to our strategic vision and expansion. Significant scale-up at our Kurkumbh facility and exploring international partnerships through Acquisitions, Mergers, Joint Ventures, and Contract Manufacturing.

2024 and Beyond

  • New Office: In January 2024, we proudly inaugurated our new office at Office No.705, Acme Plaza, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 059, Maharashtra, India.
  • The Dahej Project: Embarking on an ambitious Greenfield Project at Dahej, GIDC, Gujarat, to establish a highly automated, eco-friendly, and sustainable Flavour and Fragrance state-of-the-art facility.
  • The IPO Horizon: Poised for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), expanding our market engagement and enhancing stakeholder participation.



A chemical engineer (B.Tech) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, he started his career with Hindustan Lever Ltd. where he worked for 5 years and then launched Harmony Organics in 1976. Well-known in the field of Aroma Chemical for his technical prowess, even today he personally guides all the Technical and Operational functions.

Mr Ravi Nangia
Managing Director

Has Completed CA and CS in 90's. Was gold medalist in Direct tax. Carries 26 years of rich experience with Reliance , Banking , Telecom, Power & Chemical industries. Currently serving as Managing Director at Harmony Organics.

Mr Sandeep Mehta
Managing Director

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Harmony Organics, our unwavering commitment to quality and safety is evident in our extensive range of certifications – Kosher, Halal, REACh, USP, FCC, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000:2018, and FAMI-QS. These distinctions underscore our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in every facet of our operations, reinforcing our position as a leader in the Aroma Chemicals sector.

Harmony Organics is proud to be a member of the following trade associations

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Harmony as a company pays utmost importance to maintaining and safeguarding the quality of its products. We realize the trust our customers place in us and the even more critical role a supplier plays in the food and flavor industries where a mistake can severely impact our end users. As a result we take pride in our impeccable record of delivering the highest quality of products to our customers, every time and all the time.

We have established systems in place to ensure that Quality becomes an integral part of everything we do. Quality Control is integral to our operations, right since the design stage and not added as an afterthought. Some of the key features of our Quality Control /Quality Assurance systems are as follows:

Bi-annual internal audits and yearly external surveillance audits of all QC systems
Meticulous attention to record-keeping and plant logs with immediate corrective action for any deviations
Strict, written, documented change-control procedures
Dedicated QC Lab fitted with all requisite equipment for measurement of parameters like Refractive Index, Density, Moisture content etc.
On-site lab uses a World class Gas Chromatograph (Agilent) with GC-MS option at an associate lab.