Certifications, Accreditations and Testing

At Harmony Organics we have always focussed on getting an extensive list of certifications and accreditations for our manufacturing site as well as each product that we produce. Our site has ISO-9001 certification for our quality systems as well as ISO-22000 for our customers in the feed and flavour industries. HACCP Plans and a list of CCPs is available on request.
Many of our products are used in the animal feed industry and hence we also are certified by the industry standard for animal feed i.e. FAMI-QS (Brussels). For German customers we also hold the QS-Sicherheit certification.
We also comply with all applicable local Indian laws and one example of a certification we hold is FSSAI by the Indian regulators since our products get used in the food-flavours industry.
For EU customers REACH is an important certification. Our major products hold full reach registration (PEA, CA) in the 100 to 1000 ton band and Styrene Oxide has an intermediate registration. Our upcoming products are all in the process of being registered and we have a commitment to our customers to have a strong EU-REACh portfolio in the future as well. In addition to EU-REACH we hold a pre-registration on Turkey REACH and our UK-REACH registrations are in progress at the moment in response to Brexit. We can offer tonnage certificates to all customers on request.
For many segments of our customers Kosher and Halal are crucial certifications especially for downstream uses in the food / flavors industry. All our products are Kosher certified by (Star-K, USA) and Halal certified by the Indian Halal authorities (Jamiat).
For feed and flavor uses we also utilize third party testing labs to validate an extensive list of parameters such as heavy metals and aflatoxins. Please get in touch with us for more details.
We take process and plant safety very seriously at Harmony especially due to the variety of hazardous raw materials that we handle. We comply with all local laws and also have the ISO-45001 certification for Occupational Health and Safety.
We are also a member of SEDEX and strive to comply with all norms of social and environmental responsibility.
In order to comply with US laws our manufacturing site has a US-FDA Bioterrorism registration. Registration number is available on request.
At Harmony we take our environmental obligations seriously. We comply with all local laws and have completed an Environmental Impact Assessment and the site has an Environmental Clearance from the Indian Government. In addition, we are certified as per ISO-14001 for our Environmental Management system and compliance is verified annually by an external auditor.
Harmony is a member of major industry associations such as IFEAT, RIFM, FAFAI and ICC.

For further details on any regulatory matters please get in touch with us.


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