Harmony strongly believes that sustainability of our processes is imperative to the future of the company. This belief is so integral to the company that it is enshrined in our Mission Statement and Vision. We have adopted a holistic approach to sustainability and it hinges on several distinct initiatives:

Water Recycling

Our facility is being developed with a zero discharge philosophy in mind. Not only does this reduce our environmental impact but, when managed correctly, it also improves the competitiveness of our processes. We reduce the reliance we place on external utility water supply and thereby improve the robustness of our operations. Our water treatment section includes two multiple effect evaporators capable of handling the entire effluent water stream of our current production as well as provision for future expansion capacity. This is augmented by aerobic / anaerobic bio-treatment for reducing the Chemical Oxygen Demand loads. The water then passes through tertiary treatment and is sent to a Reverse Osmosis unit that guarantees water quality that exceeds the stringent requirements for even boiler feed water. Solid wastes from the ETP are sent to a secured landfill authorized by the Government of India.

Process Efficiencies

We choose our products and reactions to achieve the highest possible atom efficiencies. This results in lower amounts of wastes and water handling in subsequent stages. In addition, we have optimized our utility systems to effectively reduce our utility consumption per kg of product incrementally every year of our operational experience. We set ourselves high goals and in the coming years, we aim to target results that surpass our past achievements.


Harmony believes in being a good neighbor to the community it exists in. It has provided valuable employment to about hundred skilled workers and operators from the area. It takes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously and invests in developing the Kurkumbh community. It is a founder member of the Rotary Club of Kurkumbh MIDC which has been immensely active in spearheading initiatives for the local population.