Harmony Organics owns a 6-acre manufacturing site at the notified industrial area at Kurkumbh. The site is fully approved for chemicals manufacturing activity and directly falls within a zone identified by the Indian Government for the setup of chemicals manufacturing units. An abundant water supply is available from a dedicated water supply reservoir for the industrial area. Unlike other areas in India, the Kurkumbh site enjoys an uninterrupted electrical power supply with no load shedding.

The site area is currently about 70% utilized thereby retaining abundant scope for future expansion projects. The manufacturing plants on the site are divided into several distinct functional areas:

  • A Reaction Plant
  • Distillation Plant
  • Hydrogenation Plant
  • Blending and Packing Area

The highlight of the plant is a section of large capacity Glass Lined Reactors which enable versatile handling of a variety of chemical reactions handling corrosive reagents. Other reactors include graphite lined and polymer vessels also suitable for corrosive media. Additional processing capacity in the form of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel reactors are also available in a variety of sizes. Another highlight of the facility is the presence of six hydrogenators of various capacities ranging from 1000 L to 8000 L and capable of handling up to 50 bar pressure.

Harmony recognized the critical utility of good separations capacity for the aroma industry due to exacting requirements of olfactory quality & hence the removal of trace impurities. As a result, we have invested in tall, high vacuum distillation columns with the best-in-class, high-efficiency structured packing and this is a key factor responsible for the high quality of our aroma products.

A common utility area includes a coal-fired boiler that provides steam to the entire site and also cooling water, compressed air and other shared utilities. The boiler includes full pollution control equipment including cyclones, scrubbers and bag filters to comply with the latest standards for particulates and other emissions. We have our own on-site Nitrogen generation plant that gets utilized for safety & inerting applications as well as for various blending, maturation and drum filling needs. In addition, we have also invested in a state-of-the-art food-grade compressed air drying & filtration plant so that any fluids that contact our final products will comply with the highest standards of hygiene as required by the food/flavour safety codes. We are in the process of installing an on-site Hydrogen generation plant as well; to further acquire a competitive advantage for hydrogenation products.

We have a modern Quality Control Lab that is operating 24×7 with an Agilent GC for delivering the best product quality and purity to customers.

Significant capital investment has also been made on water / effluent treatment infrastructure for the entire plant. We have two trains of triple effect evaporators that cater to all the inorganic dissolved salt loads of our effluent. This is followed up by conventional treatment (primary/secondary and tertiary) in a dedicated Effluent Treatment Area. Biological treatment in aeration basins ensures that the quality of the finally discharged water complies with all applicable rules. In fact, a significant portion of the water is already being recycled for process and utility applications. A major project for the up-gradation of our water treatment capacity is currently in progress at the end of which we will more than triple our wastewater treatment and recycling capacity.

Manufacturing Site

Harmony has its manufacturing plant in the town of Kurkumbh in Maharashtra. Kurkumbh is a government incentivized chemicals manufacturing hub with a notified Industrial Area. Harmony’s site is a 6 acre (25,000 sq. m) site located strategically on the expressway that goes from the city of Pune towards Hyderabad. As compared to other locales in India this Kurkumbh industrial estate has very few constraints on expansion due to ample unused land and limited habitation in the immediate proximity of the industrial area. Other multinational companies like Henkel and Cargill have a flagship presence in the area as well as the Indian Pharmaceutical giant Cipla.

This location has a natural strategic advantage because of a couple of additional factors. The site is located 200 km (approx. 4 hours) from the international port of JNPT which is advantageous for our exports and import shipments. JNPT has capabilities to handle both, containerized and bulk cargo shipments and includes a dedicated Chemicals handling tank farm operated by Aegis.

In addition, Kurkumbh’s central location is an advantage while shipping to Indian markets and to other ports in India. The site is directly adjacent to a major Indian express highway linking the city of Mumbai to Hyderabad and is about 20 km away from a railhead (Daund) again on an important railway line. Thus the site has a natural advantage for both road and rail shipments. The metropolitan city of Pune is about 75 km away (1-hour commute) and has served as a great source of talented work pool for the company. In addition, Harmony’s corporate headquarters are situated in the city of Pune from where commercial functions like Marketing, Sales, Purchasing and HR are handled.

Mumbai, the hub of the Indian aroma industry, is also a short 150 miles away. From a commercial and financial standpoint, the proximity to Mumbai is a big plus point. Mumbai has a world-class international airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) with direct connectivity to almost all commercial capitals of the world. This strategic location of our manufacturing site has served the company very well from logistic angles and serves to continue as a major competitive advantage.